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Welcome to our website! Now is the time to invest in energy-smart products and take advantage of the cash incentives offered to you by Worthington Public Utilities. We offer a variety of energy-efficiency programs that can help you lower your utility bills.

To see how you can start saving energy and saving money today, click on any of the programs below.

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Success Stories

Energy-Saving Habits Start At Home

Employers know that if employees make it a habit to save energy at home they are more likely to think about saving energy at work. Last fall, Newport Labs in Worthington, Minn., offered an educational opportunity to their employees to learn about energy-saving techniques for their homes.

JBS USA LLC Saves $215,500 With Energy Upgrades

Like all companies working to succeed in a weakened economy, JBS USA LLC (JBS), formerly JBS Swift & Company, strives to do more with less, by cutting unnecessary expenses and operating as efficiently as possible. But, JBS also has a vision for the future, which includes smart investments in their operation that will yield long-term savings. And with the help of energy efficiency rebates from Worthington Public Utilities and Bright Energy Solutions, JBS began an energy improvement project that’s expected to save them about $215,500 per year.