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Rock Rapids Municipal Utilities

Welcome to our website! Now is the time to invest in energy-smart products and take advantage of the cash incentives offered to you by Rock Rapids Municipal Utilities. We offer a variety of energy-efficiency programs that can help you lower your utility bills.

To see how you can start saving energy and saving money today, click on any of the programs below. Please note: All products must be purchased within a 25-mile radius of Rock Rapids to qualify for the rebates.

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Success Stories

School Finds Energy Savings In Lighting Retrofit

Central Lyon Schools took another leap forward in energy efficiency when they replaced their old, inefficient lighting with new high efficiency lighting, resulting in energy savings, lower utility bills, and better light quality throughout the building.

Central Lyon School Gets Comfort And Cash

Energy efficiency got a boost at Central Lyon Elementary School when the school district completed a heating, cooling, and ventilation (HVAC) upgrade over the winter. The project will save the district energy and money and will increase comfort levels for students and teachers. The school’s old HVAC system required numerous repairs each year and the vents no longer operated automatically. During hot or cold weather, maintenance personnel had to climb up on the roof to manually open or close the vents to control the temperature in classrooms and hallways. Even with their best efforts, some rooms remained too hot while others were too cool.