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Lighting Retrofit For Businesses

For most businesses, lighting accounts for a substantial portion of your energy bill, usually between 25 and 40 percent. When you install energy efficient lighting, you save money and energy for years to come. In fact, research indicates that efficient lighting can contribute to productivity, quality control, security, and safety.

The Bright Energy Solutions® Lighting Retrofit Program offers a wide variety of cash incentives for energy efficient lighting fixtures and lighting technologies, such as lighting controls. Installing high efficiency lighting is one of the most cost-effective steps that you can take because it saves money on energy bills while boosting lighting quality. Cash incentives from Bright Energy Solutions can help you offset the cost of getting started.

Vermillion hospital updates qualify for energy-efficiency rebates

Dakota Hospital Foundation/Sanford Hospital in Vermillion, S.D., recently received a Bright Energy Solutions® rebates totaling $16,709 for a new construction project. As the hospital’s emergency, MRI, and examination rooms were being updated over the past eight months, the Foundation included the installation of LED lighting, variable frequency drives on cooling and air-handling equipment, and a new 110-ton chiller.

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Exit Lighting

  • Exit signs are an often overlooked opportunity to reduce energy costs.
  • Energy-efficient replacement options include LED lighting and self-luminous technologies.
  • Retrofit kits are available to update existing fixtures with energy-efficient lighting.
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