Bright Energy Solutions

Infrared Curing and Drying

In many industrial processes, the drying or curing process utilizes large industrial convection ovens that traditionally have been fueled by natural gas. Adding infrared heating to the beginning of an existing hot-air convection oven can provide significant increases in line speed and throughput. In many cases, electric infrared ovens offer an efficient and cost-effective alternative to convection ovens, with a payback of less than a year. Bright Energy Solutions® rewards you for choosing electric infrared process heat technology that can save floor space, reduce energy consumption, and increase productivity while requiring little maintenance.

Power Disturbances

Power disturbances can result in costly downtime, loss of critical data and even equipment damage. An uninterruptible power supply (UPS) can deliver backup power in case of an outage or power quality issue. UPS devices range from single units that protect individual computers to larger systems that provide protection for clusters of equipment or an entire facility.

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