Pump and VFDs for Businesses

Motor-driven equipment accounts for 64 percent of the electricity consumed by U.S. industries. Energy-efficient motors can cut this energy use by at least 12 percent. The lifetime energy use of a motor will cost you more than the initial capital outlay. Your initial purchase is actually just 2 percent of a typical large motor’s life-cycle cost. (Source: U.S. Department of Energy)

Efficient motors and variable frequency drives improve reliability, reduce downtime and maintenance, and lower energy costs. They will also increase the life of your equipment and the overall machine operating efficiency. All of this can help boost your competitive edge and your bottom line.

Start saving today! Bright Energy Solutions® can help by offsetting your upfront costs.

Frequently Asked Questions
A: Incentives are not offered for replacement variable frequency drives. Incentives are paid for the first-time installation of VFDs on existing air handling and pumping systems.
A: Any business or resident of a participating local municipal utility who is interested in learning more about the Bright Energy Solutions programs should contact their local municipal utility. Or you can download incentive applications from this website.
A: Customers of participating utilities are eligible to receive the benefits of the programs. To learn if your utility is participating, visit www.brightenergysolutions.com and click on your state.

Each program has criteria that must be met. Please see the terms and conditions for the individual program or call your local utility to learn more.
A: Your participating local municipal utility is offering incentives on a large variety of electrical equipment for residential and business customers. To see the programs offered by your municipal utility, click on your state, then For Your Home or For Your Business, then click on the name of your local utility.
A: Variable frequency drives (VFDs) must be used in pumping and air handling applications up to 400 horsepower in size. VFDs in new construction projects do not qualify over 50 horsepower. VFDs that are provided on new packaged HVAC equipment do not qualify. VFDs larger than 400 horsepower or used on equipment for tasks other than air handling and pumping might qualify for incentives under the Custom Incentive Program.
A: Pumps and variable frequency drives have to operate a minimum of 1,500 hours per year to qualify for Bright Energy Solutions incentives.
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Energy Tips

Install rafter and soffit vents to maintain a steady airflow, removing heat from the attic and keeping your home cooler in the summer. In winter, proper ventilation and insulation helps keep the attic cold, reducing the potential for melting and refreezing that can cause harmful ice dams on the roof and gutters.

Laundry Room
Use the cold or warm water settings when possible. By switching from hot to warm, you can cut energy use in half.

Air Conditioner

Provide shade around your air conditioner, and it could reduce your cooling costs by nearly 3 percent.

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