Bright Energy Solutions

School Finds Energy Savings In Lighting Retrofit

Central Lyon Schools took another leap forward in energy efficiency when they replaced their old, inefficient lighting with new high efficiency lighting, resulting in energy savings, lower utility bills, and better light quality throughout the building. 

What types of lighting were replaced?
• 400 watt metal halide lighting was replaced with high-bay fluorescent lighting in three (3) gymnasiums
• 250 watt metal halide lighting was replaced with high-bay fluorescent lighting in the commons areas and fitness center
• Classroom were changed from old, inefficient T-12 fluorescent lighting to T-8 low wattage fluorescent lighting
• In the shop, “energy hog” T-12 high output fluorescent lighting was replaced with T-8 low wattage fluorescent lighting
• New low wattage fluorescent fixtures were installed in the basement hallways and the old lighting fixtures were removed entirely

Estimated Savings from the Project:
• 163,835 kilowatt-hours (kWhs) of energy savings per year
• 57.5 kilowatts (kW) of demand savings per month
• $13,107 estimated dollar savings per year on utility bill
• $20,014 cash incentive from Rock Rapids Municipal Utilities
• Simple payback of 4.1 years

This project is the second large energy efficiency project undertaken by Central Lyon Schools, showing their strong commitment to energy efficiency and to saving money for the District.  In January of 2011, Central Lyon Elementary School completed a heating, cooling, and ventilation (HVAC) upgrade that was expected to save 58,000 kWhs of electricity per year and to reduce their electrical demand by 90 kW per month.  The HVAC project earned the School District a cash incentive of $24,432.28 from Rock Rapids Municipal Utilities through its Bright Energy Solutions program.  Central Lyon Schools reinvested those incentive dollars in the 2012 lighting project for additional savings and additional incentives. 

Bright Energy Solutions is a unique portfolio of energy efficiency cash incentive programs that will help residential and business customers reduce their energy costs and operate more efficiently. The program is offered to residential and business customers of participating municipal utilities that are members of Sioux Falls-based Missouri River Energy Services.