Bright Energy Solutions

New Construction Leads To Lighting Retrofit

Energy efficient fluorescent fixtures installed in a new addition to Ron Kunkel’s autobody repair shop now means brighter working conditions for Kunkel and his employees.

Kunkel Auto Repair in Adrian, Minn., recently installed T8 high-bay fixtures with six, 4-foot, 32-watt lamps.

“The lighting in the newly constructed area is liked so well by all the employees that I plan to retrofit lighting in the old portion of the shop to new energy efficient lighting,” said Kunkel. "Sometimes you don’t realize how poor lighting is until you have something good to compare it to!"

Kunkel’s Auto Repair qualified for a $250 rebate incentive and is expected to save approximately $200 in avoided utility costs annually.

When it comes to smart energy savings and conservation, lighting is the low-hanging fruit with one of the quickest paybacks for your investment. Check out all the Bright Energy Solutions® lighting incentive rebates at or call your local utility for details.