Bright Energy Solutions

Central Lyon School Gets Comfort And Cash

Energy efficiency got a boost at Central Lyon Elementary School when the school district completed a heating, cooling, and ventilation (HVAC) upgrade over the winter. The project will save the district energy and money and will increase comfort levels for students and teachers.

The school’s old HVAC system required numerous repairs each year and the vents no longer operated automatically.  During hot or cold weather, maintenance personnel had to climb up on the roof to manually open or close the vents to control the temperature in classrooms and hallways.  Even with their best efforts, some rooms remained too hot while others were too cool. 

Jim Hoye, general manager of Rock Rapids Municipal Utilities, learned during a meeting with Superintendent Dave Ackerman that the school was considering the purchase of new HVAC equipment.  Hoye told Ackerman about cash rebates for energy efficient equipment available through the Bright Energy Solutions® program offered by the utility.  By installing high-efficiency equipment, rather than standard equipment, Rock Rapids customers can get cash incentives to help reduce their up-front costs and enjoy lower utility bills over the life of the equipment. 

Central Lyon worked with G & R Controls of Sioux Falls to complete the HVAC upgrade, which included the installation of eight new rooftop heating and cooling units, along with high-efficiency air handlers called energy recovery ventilators.  Energy recovery ventilators provide a controlled way of bringing fresh air into a building while minimizing energy loss.  In addition, the school installed programmable thermostats in each room so that comfort-level temperatures don’t have to be maintained when areas are not occupied. 

The on-going energy savings for the school will help reduce utility bills for many years to come.  The school expects to save 58,000 kilowatt-hours of electricity per year and to reduce their electrical demand by 90 kilowatts per month.

Hoye presented Ackerman and School Board President Steve Sieperda with a rebate check in the amount of $24,432.28 from the Bright Energy Solutions program.  The school plans to reinvest the rebate dollars in a lighting efficiency project that will help save the district even more. 

Bright Energy Solutions is a unique portfolio of energy efficiency cash incentive programs that will help residential and business customers reduce their energy costs and operate more efficiently. The program is offered to residential and business customers of participating municipal utilities that are members of Sioux Falls-based Missouri River Energy Services.